AcquisitionPRO™ helps YOU close more deals using systems and automations to keep YOU doing what you're good at; talking to people that want to do business with YOU!

Grow Your Business

CLOSE More Deals

GUIDE your leads on a journey through your Strategic Acquisition System™ using AI and automation, so they never get lost as you lead them to a win/win scenario and close the opportunity!

One of the biggest roadblocks removed...

Are You Technology Ignorant?

It doesn't matter! We're going to build your system for you!

  • This is not just some generic template everyone else is selling you...

  • We custom build your Strategic Acquisition System™ based ONLY on your business needs...

  • We're not just providing you software, we're helping you remove your biggest roadblock!

Strategic Acquisition System™

Our system is designed to do the work of guiding your leads through a relationship building process, using AI and automations to automatically move them through your custom built pipeline, so all you have to do is talk to people ready to do business with you.

Say goodbye to all of the fragmented tools you've been told you need to build relationships with your prospects, and the headache of trying to get it to all work together.

The Strategic Acquisition System™, built inside AcquisitionPRO™, is the ONLY All-In-One solution, and the last tool you will need to make your business a success



We build your communication solution to fit your business needs and automate the entire process to maximize your scheduled appointments.


We Guide You To Success

We don't build the system and leave you to figure it out on your own. We will be with you side-by-side as long as it takes for you to understand and use your custom built system on your own.

Watch How It Works

In this video I show how the Strategic Acquisition System™ works FOR YOU from the time a lead enters your pipeline all the way through getting a commitment from that lead to work with you.


1. Consultation

Schedule a 30 minute zoom meeting with us and we will map out your custom Strategic Acquisition System™

2. Strategy

We will show you the best path to take to grow your business so you can decide if this strategy works for you!

3. Results

We will deliver your new custom built Strategic Acquisition System™ and hold your hand and guide through it!

Is This System For You?

  • If you are already using AcquisitionPRO™ and finding it difficult to learn and/or navigate, this is for you!

  • If you are struggling to find time to follow-up and convert prospects, this is for you!

  • If this is a side hustle and not a real business, this is NOT for you!



Are there any monthly fees?

No! We will cover ALL the monthly costs to operate your custom built Strategic Acquisition System™ for the first 12 months. After 12 months, if you have a good grasp of the system and decide to do it on your own, there will be a monthly or annual expense to continue, and we discuss that in the Strategy zoom meeting.

How much does this cost?

I don't know yet! Until we have our consultation and know what you need to meet your goals, there's no way for us to put a price tag on your custom built Strategic Acquisition System™.

Do I have to download anything?

No! AcquisitionPRO™ is a web based software program known as a Software as a Service (SaaS). You will have login details to access the site from anywhere in the world, and yes, there's an app for that!

Do you have an App?

Yes! AcquisitionPRO™ has an app and you will be given the instructions to download on your smartphone or tablet during the initial on-boarding meeting.

Can my team access AcquisitionPRO™ at no extra cost?

Yes! You can have as many team members as you wish, and control what they can see. AcquisitionPRO™.



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